How do refresh a URL in Vue.js

How do refresh a URL in Vue.js

In Vue.js, you can refresh or reload the current URL using JavaScript methods combined with Vue's lifecycle hooks or methods. Here are a few approaches:

Using window.location.reload()

The simplest way to reload the current URL in Vue.js is by using the window.location.reload() method. You can trigger this method within a Vue method or lifecycle hook:

methods: {
  refreshPage() {

Then you can call this method wherever needed in your Vue component:

<button @click="refreshPage">Refresh Page</button>

Using Router Navigation

If you're using Vue Router and want to refresh the current route:

methods: {
  refreshRoute() {
    this.$router.go(); // This reloads the current route
    // OR
    // this.$router.push({ path: '/current-route-path' }); // Replace '/current-route-path' with your actual route

Then you can call this method in a similar way as shown above.

Reloading the Route on Route Navigation

You can also reload the current route when navigating to it again. You might use this approach in the beforeRouteEnter or beforeRouteUpdate route guards:

beforeRouteEnter(to, from, next) {
  next(vm => {
    vm.$options.methods.refreshPage(); // Call the method responsible for refreshing the page


  • Reloading the entire page may reset your Vue state and lose any unsaved data.
  • Always consider if a full page reload is necessary or if there are alternative ways to update specific parts of your application without refreshing the entire page.

Choose the method that best suits your application's requirements. Remember that reloading the entire page might disrupt the user experience, so use it judiciously and consider its implications.

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