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Top 50 react interview questions with answers.

Top 50 react interview questions with answers.

What is Vue.js, and how does it differ from other front-end frameworks like React and Angular?

Vue.js, often referred to as Vue, is an open-source JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications (SPAs). It is designed to be incrementally adoptable and is known for its simplicity and flexibility. Vue is often categorized as one of the three major front-end frameworks, alongside React and Angular, but it has several key differences that set it apart:

Upload an image from the front end to the back end (Node.js + Mongo DB)?

Uploading an image from the frontend to the backend in a Node.js application with MongoDB typically involves the following steps:

Benefits of using test-driven development (TDD) for web applications that use JavaScript (AngularJs)?

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is an approach to software development that involves writing tests before writing the actual code. When applied to web applications using JavaScript, including AngularJS, TDD offers several significant benefits:

What is the concept of closures in JavaScript? What are some examples?

Closures are a fundamental concept in JavaScript, and they occur when a function is defined within another function and has access to the outer function's variables. In simpler terms, a closure allows a function to "remember" the environment in which it was created, even after that outer function has finished executing. This is a powerful feature in JavaScript and is commonly used in various programming scenarios.

What are the benefits of Node JS Development?

What are the benefits of Node JS Development?

What is social web app?

What is social web app.

JavaScript- Remove particular element from an array.?

Find the index of the array element you want to remove using indexOf, and then remove that index with splice.

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